Nebraska Wine Tours has some fun news! Both co-owners, Renae & Kristin, have become independent wine consultants with a winery in Napa, California – WineShop at Home! As wine consultants, we bring the tasting room experience to your living room or office! We know you are chomping at the bit to know how it works! When you host a wine tasting, you’ll choose a sampler of wine, which will allow your

You don’t have to live in California wine country to go wine touring! There are many amazing areas of wine in the United States, and there might be some vineyards and wineries near you in your own backyard. In fact, all 50 states grow grapes and produce wine. As a wine tour operator, I have come across several situations and have put together a list of things to remember for

Let’s face it! Pinterest has completely changed the game of event planning, especially weddings. There are so many creative people putting out fun ideas. Today’s bride wants to incorporate several of them for her special day, while her family and friends want to throw memorable bridal showers and luncheons, not to mention epic bachelorette party weekends! We recently had the opportunity to take Jennifer and her entourage out for a

In just one week, I’ll be in California wine country soaking up all the northern region is known for at the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference.  Eeeek! I’m experiencing so many emotions and am having trouble focusing on what I need to do in my business today, but I made up my mind and I will get a loan from to grow my business. So, I’m writing this as a